Pre/Postnatal Fitness Certification

This pre/postnatal specialist certification prepares fitness instructors with the knowledge needed to work with pregnant and postpartum clients, one-on-0ne or in group settings!


30 years of education and certification!

As leaders in prenatal & postnatal fitness, we believe that all expectant women and new mothers are entitled to a healthful and safe fitness experience. It is, therefore, a necessity that all fitness instructors training prenatal and postpartum women to have adequate knowledge of anatomy, physiology and contraindications and the impact pregnancy has on bodily structures and functions.

Learn at your own pace with loads of support.

Our online certification is filled with information that is presented in a way that speaks to all learning styles – audio, video, slide shows and/or textbook. Also, included in this program are: important documents; exercise video examples; and great reading lists. These resources are laid out in an easy-to-use personal site, designed just for you! Furthermore, this certification easily translates to any discipline (i.e. personal training, group fitness, water aerobics, yoga, dance, and more!).

Get more clients + help your community = more $

If you are working in the field and juggling your busy life already you can easily program your certification into your schedule! Watch, listen or read on your mobile device while you travel or between clients and, within a few weeks, you can be confidently and safely working with your pre- and postnatal clients. If you do not currently work with this population, you can expand your client base and dramatically increase your revenue. Now, who doesn’t love that?!



Course Outline:

Class 1: History of Birth and Fitness)

Class 2: Anatomy & Physiology (Specific to Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum)

Class 3: All About Pregnancy & Birth,  Fitness for Pregnancy & Birth

Class 4: Building your Prenatal Fitness Class

Class 5: All About the Postpartum Period, Diastasis & Pelvic Floor

Class 6: Building your Postnatal Fitness Class

Class 7: Creating Unique Classes and Specific Class Adaptations
(Yoga, StrollerFit, AquaFit)


trainerThe BABY & ME FITNESS pre/postnatal fitness instructor certification course
is the most comprehensive and flexible program available in North America.

This course would be beneficial to anyone working or interested in the fitness field looking to expand their knowledge base and skills and obtain or add to their credentials. We welcome national and international participants.

Together, the course and manual, designed and written by childbirth educator, pre/postnatal fitness specialists and founders of Baby & Me Fitness, lay the foundation for anyone seeking a career in the pre/postnatal fitness field.

The BABY & ME FITNESS course leaders are considered to be the most experienced and innovative pre/postnatal fitness instructors in North America having been in the forefront of pre/postnatal fitness continuously since 1987.


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What our Students Say:
I was excited to begin my second trimester and feel more up to getting out and being physical. I was also looking forward to meeting other moms-to-be. Baby & Me has delivered on all counts, and exceeded my expectations. The instructors are fantastic, very positive attitudes, highly recommended!
- Nadia B, Teacher
Nadia B , Teacher
I was excited to begin my second trimester and feel more up to getting out and being physical. I was also looking forward to meeting other moms-to-be. Baby & Me has delivered on all counts, and exceeded my expectations. The instructors arefantastic, very positive attitudes, highly recommended!
- Nadia B , Teacher
Janet V, IT Administrator
I have to say that the aquafit and yoga classes made a huge difference in my labour. I only had to push for 45 minutesand it was due to my instructors' ab workout for pregnant women. The breathing and focus techniques I learned in yoga helped a lot too. You really need that in labour. I wanted to say thanks to Baby and Me Fitness. Your classes weregreat!! They were a big help in having such a smooth delivery…
Carolyn M, Designer
I thank my lucky stars that I enrolled in BABY & ME…it felt great to exercise again and what could have been a solitary, isolating and difficult experience as a new mother has instead been a profoundly rewarding, social and fun time.The other mothers I met in class have become friends for life…..we are each other's extended family, providingpractical and emotional support to each other… good for my baby and good for me!
Dianne R, Senior Litigation Law Clerk
Along with the birth of my baby girl, one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of my pregnancy was myenrolment in BABY & ME's prenatal and postpartum programs. With the physical benefit and the class discussions, theinteraction with other new mothers was also extremely informative and invaluable…