Caring for Yourself With Less Time

The Coles Notes to Caring For Yourself 

When life is just too busy and stressful and has us feeling as though we have no personal time to commit to ourselves, we need to stop, sit down, and create a daily routine that includes us. Buy an organizer and begin recording what we do, if you don’t already. Here are some helpful tips in achieving our goals:

• Setting realistic goals.
Throw away the idea that your body needs to look a certain way to be beautiful, stop staring at the scale. Set goals that have more excitement behind them, it could be a fitness goal such as walking with a friend 2x a week with the babies asleep in the stroller (doesn’t always work that way!) or a goal to cook with a few more veggies at dinner time.

• Add things to your diet, don’t take away! 
We are not big fans of restriction here at Baby & Me Fitness. Add some protein-rich foods into your meals and/or maybe some delicious good fats, such as avocado to a smoothy or nuts to a salad!

• Do not skip meals (if you can avoid it)
New parents are tired and need lots of food/energy to keep going. Skipping meals and going hungry can lower our blood sugar and make us crave foods that spike your sugar levels quickly, but also set you up for a crash. Your mother was right when she told you to start your day off with breakfast. Anything whole-grain and full of fiber is definitely a good choice. A healthy breakfast will give your metabolism a boost and keeps it revving throughout the day.

• To survive, do not deprive!
Do not deprive yourself of the foods you crave!

• Ditch those annoying low-calorie diets
In the end, you are just starving yourself of essential vitamins and minerals.

• Food cannot burn fat!
So don’t buy into those ‘miracle’ foods. They don’t exist!

• If you’ve got the munchies…

• Variety is next to Godliness
Fill your plate with a healthy array of colorful fruits and veggies which are sure to entice anyone sitting down to eat with you.

• When on the run, think twice.
Don’t let time bully and antagonize you. Slow down when eating and enjoy the flavors. Yes, we know, easier said than done when there is a baby in the picture. Give it a try!

• Jump on the bandwagon!
We all need support from our friends and loved ones. Enjoy movement with friends or family members who want to get out and moving too. Like-minded people add that extra little bit of motivation that you might find yourself needing in your darker times. Personal training is always a good choice if you want more formal exercise with an expert!

• We are 80% water, so drink up!
Aim for 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep you running properly. Drinking 10 glasses a day may be hard to imagine, so at least drink two with each meal.


Finally and most importantly, choose movement and activities that make you happy! Movement is a really effective way to elevate our mood and reduce stress. For busy parents trying to fit in movement and self-care is challenging, so if you’ve managed to carve out precious moments for yourself, make sure you spend it doing something you love!

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