Has Juggling Time Got You Tipping The Scale?

The Coles Notes to Weight Loss Victory

When life is just too busy and stressful and has us feeling as though we have no personal time to commit to ourselves, we need to stop, sit down, and organize our daily routine. Buy an organizer and begin recording what we do, if you don’t already. Here are some helpful tips in achieving our goals:

• Setting realistic goals.
The weight did not appear overnight, so stop thinking about losing it by dawn. Be patient! Set your first major goal at losing only 10% of your current weight, aiming to lose approx. 1-2 lbs. a week.

• Cut down on fat and sugar consumption
Try to eat more protein-rich foods with a moderate low-carb intake and finish your day with a low fat intake.  Always check the ingredients list on any packages. Federal law will soon insist that all products contain nutritional value on the package.

• Do not skip meals (if you can avoid it)
You will tend to eat more at your next meal. Your mother was right when she told you to start your day off with breakfast. Anything whole-grain and full of fiber is definitely a good choice. A healthy breakfast will give your metabolism a boost and keeps it revving throughout the day.

• To survive, do not deprive!
Do not deprive yourself of the foods you crave, instead try to moderate the amount you eat.

• Ditch those annoying low-calorie diets
In the end, you are just starving yourself of essential vitamins and minerals.

• Food cannot burn fat!
So don’t buy into those ‘miracle’ foods. They don’t exist!

• If you’ve got the munchies…
Then curb it by selecting something healthy to eat like fruits and/or veggies.

• Size up your portions!
In the time of fast food culture, it’s important to learn to say no to “Do you want the biggie size for 49 cents?” Most of the time, the fast food portions are too small anyways and it’s nothing that 49 cents can cure. Try healthier eating.

Healthy pregnancy eating salad

• Variety is next to Godliness
Fill your plate with a healthy array of colourful fruits and veggies which are sure to entice anyone sitting down to eat with you.

• When on the run, think twice.
Don’t let time bully and antagonize you. Slow down when dining and consider the menu in front of you. A lot of margarines and oils go into preparing those dishes you order. Don’t be afraid to ask!

• Jump on the bandwagon!
We all need support from our friends and loved ones. Try working out with a health conscious friend or family member who is just as interested as you in keeping fit. Like-minded people add that extra little bit of motivation that you might find yourself needing in you darker times. Personal training is always a good choice, but make sure you select which trainer’s personality is right for you. Everyone is different and some are willing to push you harder and motivate you more than others!

• Eat like a cow! (Graze frequently)
What I mean is, increase the frequency of your meals to jump start your metabolism. You should be eating 5-6 times a day, balancing your carb and protein intake for each meal and try to drink two cups of water with each sitting.

• We are 80% water, so drink up!
Aim for 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep you running properly. Drinking 10 glasses a day may be hard to imagine, so at least drink two with each meal.


Finally and most importantly, light a candle under your rear and get your bum in gear! In order to lose it you have to move it. A healthy eating plan needs a tag team partner and exercise is just the one. Together they will knock out your weight loss goals!

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