Natasha Marchand

Mindset & Movement, Toronto, Ontario

Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Trainer, Doula, Yoga Teacher, Aquafitness Instructor, Fertility Yoga & Support Specialist, Hypnotherapist, Body Image Advocate.

Natasha has been working with women to support their fitness/wellness goals for over a decade. Her own weight loss journey inspired her to bring a safe and holistic approach to her training, focusing on self acceptance, heath, and strength, not just weight loss. While she understands that weight loss is often a side effect of moving more and eating better, her focus is building stronger, happier women from the inside out!

When Natasha found herself back on a weight loss journey after the birth of her daughter, she vowed to treat herself with love and kindness as she created balance in her new (and very different life). She realized her daughter was watching every move she made and her new priority was modelling a healthy lifestyle that was not based on numbers on a scale.

As well as her love for fitness, she loves all things pregnancy, birth & baby. She is a doula, doula trainer, HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Pre/postnatal Fitness Trainer and co-owner of Baby & Me Fitness. She loves helping women feel stronger and more confident as they move through fertility all the way to parenting!

Editorials by: Natasha Marchand