Michelle GB

Health Promoter and Speaker, , 

Michelle GB is a mom of 3 who has a background in competitive gymnastics, dance and soccer. She coached gymnastics and taught Hip Hop for a combined 15 years. Her mother taught her about Alternative Healing such as Reiki, Shiatsu and that the key to life is a positive attitude and mindset.

Michelle GB is a holistic nutritionist who loves promoting a balanced lifestyle by providing healthy nutrition tips and recipes with the motto "EAT MORE VEG"; Encouraging exercise with great fitness ideas and; Helping people realize the necessity of mindfulness and deep breathing in every day life.

All of this aims for the overall goal of reducing stress - a major issue in our society. In her spare time, Michelle GB can be found at the park with her kids, chilling out in the back yard (usually eating), cooking, reading a cheesy romance novel, doing yoga, jogging, or hitting a hip hop class.

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