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My name is Amanda Guld and I am a mom of an adorable little boy, Brock, with a second little one on the way, and wife to my handsome husband, Frank. My little ones are my WORLD and I want to make sure that I am around for a LONG time to see them grow up. That is WHY I lead a healthy lifestyle. My babies are my REASON, not my excuse and I want to be a positive role model, so that they can learn from my example and get the most out of what life has to offer.

I struggled with my weight and yo-you dieting for as long as I can remember, but weight maintenance became even more difficult when I got pregnant with my first son. Despite going to Crossfit regularly and eating 'clean,' I gained over 50 pounds. I felt blessed to be carrying a healthy baby, but hated the changes my body experienced. After giving birth, EVERYTHING changed. I felt strong, powerful and motivated. I wanted eat as healthy as possible so that I could help my baby boy grow big and strong. I no longer looked at food as a chore or a treat, but as FUEL. I no longer dieted throughout the week and lived for the weekends.

In November 2014, I came across another opportunity. The opportunity to not only become a coach and help others, but also to begin on a journey myself. Placing an emphasis on portion control completely re-taught me HOW to eat and enjoy all foods in MODERATION, while limiting exercise to 30 minutes (or less) per day.

Now, 34 weeks into my second pregnancy, I've worked hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to make clean eating and fitness a priority. No, I am not perfect and yes, there are days when I miss a workout or indulge in ice cream, but I never let it carry on and most importantly, I no longer allow myself to feel guilt for listening to what my body needs.

As a wellness coach, I empower women to embrace self-care and wellness in order to feel more confident, healthy and vibrant in their post-baby bodies! For unconditional support and accountability, head on over to my private Facebook Community, Babies and Barbells! Once there, introduce yourself!!!

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