Bouncing Back or Failing Forward?

The other day, a woman asked me how far along I am in my pregnancy and commented about how wonderful I look… following that statement with, “I bet you’re one of those girls who gets skinny right away, too, right?!”

At 35 weeks pregnant, I could’ve thought of a million different ways to respond, but I just smiled and shared that my 2-year-old keeps me super busy, moving on with my day, BUT her comment really stuck with me.


Because — what I really wanted to share was how I struggled with my weight my entire life. Weight does not just “drop off me,” nor will I magically “get skinny” after this baby is born. In fact, if I even look at ice cream or a bag of chips, I practically gain 5 lbs immediately. ((True story. It goes right to my cheeks!))

I’ve had my ups and downs over the years and I have truly worked to maintain a healthy weight gain throughout this pregnancy by making daily fitness and clean eating a PRIORITY.  I love that I get to inspire others by sharing my health journey, but the part that really needs to be known is that I struggle too.

I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and hit snooze, missing my workout and not wanting to do it later in the day.

I know what it’s like to crave the ease and convenience, not to mention the delicious taste, of pizza… and to have weeks where I would love to just eat it every. single. night. (with ice cream for dessert).

I know what it’s like to start “on Monday,” over and over and over again, only to find that I failed… resorting yet again to the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, weight loss pills, binge eating, and over exercise.


BUT, I also know that I have found something incredible, something that works for me. And it’s not just the tools that Beachbody has to offer…

It’s the SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY that was offered to me by joining the Beachbody team and now I have the opportunity to provide this support to the women I work with everyday!

Do you find yourself feeling stuck… knowing that you want to get into a solid routine, but not knowing where to begin… or worrying that you might fail again? I promise, you’re not alone.

Over the next few months, I will have the opportunity to share with you what I’ve learned about Pre/postnatal Fitness from my own personal experience with the Beachbody program.  I will share modifications that have helped me to maintain a solid commitment to fitness throughout my pregnancy journey, as well as time-saving tips and tricks to make “your time” a priority, and I will share opportunities to experience true support and accountability as part of exclusive, online wellness groups.  My goal as a health coach is to empower you to embrace self-care and wellness, in order to feel more confident, healthy and vibrant in your post-baby body.

For unconditional support and accountability, head over to my private Facebook Community, Babies & Barbells! Once there, please introduce yourself!

I’m here for YOU, when you are ready!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Bouncing Back or Failing Forward?

  1. Good for you! I know how hard it can be to bounce back and whether your motives are to lose weight or just live lo get, clean eating is key!

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