A Big Opportunity for Fitness Trainers!

prenatal and postnatal fitness

The competition in the fitness industry is fierce, it takes more than being a ‘good trainer’ to stand out in the crowd and get booked solid with clients, or fill your classes. Luckily, the market is rapidly growing and more individuals are looking for quality trainers that are perfect for them and their unique situation. So how do you ensure that they find you on their search?

Choosing a specialty will grow your fitness business.

You will become lost in the crowd if you rely on Google to bring up your business under ‘Personal Trainer’ or ‘Fitness Classes’. When you add a speciality into the mix it differentiates you from the ‘pack’ and you have a chance at ranking higher. Just think, if you are one of the only people in your city who specializes in therapeutic aquafitness, you have a much higher chance of showing up on the first page of Google when someone searches for ‘personal trainer aquafitness’.

How do I know what to specialize in?

Deciding how or what to specialize in can be a bit of a balancing act. Not only should this be something you love to do, it also needs to be a target market you love working with, and a large enough market to sustain your business. The answer can lie within your fitness specialty such as certifying in something unique like aqua yoga, or it can lie within the persons you choose to service, for example, yoga for runners.

Fitness trainers

Looking at the equation this way leaves you with a lot of options to choose from so your next question might be ‘is there a large enough market for what I would like to specialize in?’ One of the obvious answers would be aging population since it is the fastest growing age group that is expected to double in the next 25 years.

There is a hidden gem that is often overlooked when deciding on a fitness speciality: Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness. This market is growing at a remarkably unexpected rate. Furthermore, it is a market that can feel very rewarding when you are passionate about the promotion of women’s health and fitness.

Specializing in Babies, Birth & New Parents.

Pre/postnatal fitness is a specialized target market that, of course, we at Baby & Me Fitness live and breathe. If you feel this kind of love for baby bumps and babies you are totally in luck because there is a baby ‘Boomlet’ happening in North America. Approximately 380 000 babies are born in Canada each year and our southern neighbours see 4,000,000 babies born per year – yep, that’s a lot of babies! More importantly, that’s a rather large pre and postnatal market!  In Canada alone the number of children under the age of 5 has increased by 11%, the largest increase since the baby boom 50 years ago.

This Boomlet took many by surprise simply because it looks so different than the baby boom that happened post war. For the first time on record, birth rates are higher for women in their late 30s than in their early 20s, where the average age for a first time mother is now 28.5 years old, compared to 21 years old in the ’70’s . The difference now is that even though many are waiting longer to have children, younger women are still having babies, leaving a 20 year cohort where babies are being born.

A lot of couples/women are now waiting until they are in a better financial place before having their first child. Those that are actively choosing to wait are typically better educated, more active and more involved. As a result, family centered/baby businesses are booming and waiting lists for both city and private programs for children under 5 are at an all time high. This trend is expected to continue for at least another decade. And let’s not forget about the Millennials! This group of individuals are known for being health conscious and informed, and they are also starting to have children. The findings of Baby Center’s Millennial Moms Report shows that Millennial moms are more likely to be laid back, share the parenting load, and have a greater desire to have larger families than the generation before them. Further fuelling the Boomlet fire!

New Mothers and Media

Now, if we are talking about Google and having your business found online, searches like prenatal fitness or prenatal yoga are up 32% just in the last year. There were 113,650 searches for Prenatal Fitness in Canada for May 2016 and, are you ready for this?! Prenatal Yoga searches were nearly 3x that number!!! For any yoga instructors reading this, this is a clear indication that there is a niche market ready and waiting for YOU!

Google Searches for Pre/Postnatal Fitness Related Topics

Fitness trainers

As a Fitness/Yoga Instructor you know that peak months for fitness related searches are early in the new year, surprisingly enough (or maybe not) it is the same for prenatal fitness, but for different reasons. More babies are born in late summer/fall which means January is the perfect time for a soon-to-be mother to start joining a specialized fitness class that will get them ready for the demands of birth and parenting. Not to mention, more births during the summer means more babies and mothers (partners too) in your stroller fitness class!

Getting Started with Your Pre/Postnatal Fitness Training:

Baby & Me Fitness has been certifying Pre/Postnatal specialists for 30 years and are known as the original Pre/Postnatal Fitness Certification. We take the idea of being a specialist very seriously and focus all of our time and energy on creating the next generation of experts in the pregnancy and parenting market. That is ALL we do, and we think it is important work!

Our certification ensures you are getting the most well rounded certification available. Not only do we make it easy for you to modify and adapt your current fitness services, we help you create programs that are exactly what this market is looking for. Yes, we want your clients to stay strong, safe and healthy throughout their pregnancy, but they will also be going through some major life changes and will come to you looking for advice and support. We will make sure that you feel 100% prepared to: be the support that they need; be able to answer the questions they have; and feel confident to identify yourself as an expert in this field.

We also want you to feel supported and have all of your questions answered as you move through the certification process. Your training is all online to make it easy for you to go at your own pace and your instructors are never more than an email or phone call away. All your videos, notes, slides and final exam are all available for you on an easy-to-use personal website designed just for you!

To get started you can sign up online here or you can contact info@babyandmefitness.com if you have more questions!


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