Postpartum Pole Progress

We love Jasmine Grace’s dedication and love of pole exercise + dancing; watch her postpartum pole progress 6 weeks to 6 months post birth.

“Jasmine discovered pole dancing in 2007 and has been hooked ever since. She started teaching pole in 2011 and in that same year developed Online Pole Studio to further share her love for pole with the world.”

Jasmine Grace Online Pole Studio Postpartum Pole Progress
Jasmine Grace – –

Enjoy! Xo

Top 7 Fitness Directories – A Smart Way to Grow your Fitness Business!

Fitness Directory

This is not a blog about generating more blog posts, or even social media, however, if you have a fitness business you probably think about these topics a lot!

Yes, blogs and social media are fabulous ways to connect with potential clients, but time and time again fitness professionals come to us frustrated with creating content, only to get nowhere when it comes to engagement and community building.

How to NOT post on social media:

There is actually a very simple way to turn this around and it comes down to the 80/20 rule! Just as wellness pros talk about the 80/20 rule with nutrition, we like to talk about the 80/20 rule with social media.

What most business owners do is spend 80% of their time creating/writing their content, only to post it once and watch it die a quick and unloved social media death.

What you really should be doing is creating 20% of the time and posting, sharing, commenting and repeating 80% of the time. You need to be spending more time getting yourself out there and creating the visibility that is so important for generating business.

That’s great, but what does this have to do with Fitness Directories?!

A whole lot, let us paint a picture for you.

You become a fitness/personal trainer. You get certified, you build a beautiful website, you create your social media platforms, you get more certifications, you attend more conferences. All of that is fabulous, and let’s face it, part of the fun, but much of your effort is going towards preparing and perfecting the business, rather than putting the business in front of the people who need it. Again, you are missing that VISIBILITY piece that is so important.

You could be the best trainer, have the best branding, be the most prepared and if you are not getting your business out there, none of that matters.

That’s where directories fit in!

Whenever your website is linked on any high traffic site, like a directory, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is improved. What does this mean? It means that you rank higher in Google searches, which is a very important step when increasing the visibility of your business. Your goal should be to get your business listed on the first page of Google so when someone searches prenatal or postnatal fitness in your area, you show up!  Getting yourself listed on directories will help you reach this goal.

Our advice to many new business owners is to get your business name/website/contact on every directory you can find. If you are not already listed on Google, Yelp, and Bing (yes, Bing!) you are missing out…big time!

You are also going to want to jump on some industry specific directories like we have listed below:

The Top 7 Fitness Specific Directories

1. YDC –

This is a great place to be if you offer yoga in your business. It is free and links to all of your social media channels and your website. You can also list workshops, retreats and job opportunities. Downside? It is only available in Canada.

2. IDEA Fit

IDEA is a large directory dedicated to inspire the world of fitness, we love that! The directory gives you the opportunity to list your specialty and clients have an opportunity to rate you!

The one problem? The directory does not link to your website which does not help much with your SEO.

3. BAM Pre/Postnatal Fitness Directory

This directory is perfect because it is niched for pre & postnatal fitness specifically. Clients can search for you based on your specialty and your location, plus they can give your amazing classes or sessions 5 stars which also helps your Google ranking. You can choose a free listing or you can pay to make your listing stand out by having the option to customize your listing, making it as beautiful and appealing as possible.

One of the most unique aspects of the Baby & Me Fitness directory is the focus on creating content to drive pregnant women and new mothers to the website and mailing lists, sending more potential clients your way.

4. Certified Personal Trainers Network

This is a very large directory and certifying body that spans throughout Canada. There is a $70 membership fee but If you are CPTN certified and already a member you can be sure that your profile is up here. You can also post jobs and find training facilities for rent in your area.

5. Precision Nutrition Coach Directory

This is another large directory that spans the globe but you do need to be a PN coach to get on it. It is a free directory which is great, but the search capabilities could be refined. Currently you are  able to search in your city/province and the fitness professionals are listed in alphabetical order. What does this mean? Unless your name starts with ‘A’, people probably will not search the pages of lists to find you. It also makes it challenging to find a specific trainer if a client wants to search by name because they have to scroll through the alphabetized lists to find the specific person they are looking for.

6. FitnessTrainer

Specific to Personal Trainers in the US, this directory is very sleek in design and easy to search by location. It is a wonderful tool for potential clients but as a professional you will be working under the FitnessTrainer umbrella, which means booking/payments run through the site.

7. Fitness TO

This directory is for Fitness Pros and Yoga Instructors local to Toronto. Not only is this directory up-to-date both in its appearance and search capabilities, it includes most social media platforms as well as blogs and videos. Plus it shows you the weather!

What now?

Once you have your business listed on a few directories, be sure to keep a close eye on your Google analytics. If you don’t have your website registered with Google analytics yet you can do so here. This is the best way to keep track of which directories are sending traffic your way!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us, we can help get you and your business set up on the right directory!

A Big Opportunity for Fitness Trainers!

prenatal and postnatal fitness

The competition in the fitness industry is fierce, it takes more than being a ‘good trainer’ to stand out in the crowd and get booked solid with clients, or fill your classes. Luckily, the market is rapidly growing and more individuals are looking for quality trainers that are perfect for them and their unique situation. So how do you ensure that they find you on their search?

Choosing a specialty will grow your fitness business.

You will become lost in the crowd if you rely on Google to bring up your business under ‘Personal Trainer’ or ‘Fitness Classes’. When you add a speciality into the mix it differentiates you from the ‘pack’ and you have a chance at ranking higher. Just think, if you are one of the only people in your city who specializes in therapeutic aquafitness, you have a much higher chance of showing up on the first page of Google when someone searches for ‘personal trainer aquafitness’.

How do I know what to specialize in?

Deciding how or what to specialize in can be a bit of a balancing act. Not only should this be something you love to do, it also needs to be a target market you love working with, and a large enough market to sustain your business. The answer can lie within your fitness specialty such as certifying in something unique like aqua yoga, or it can lie within the persons you choose to service, for example, yoga for runners.

Fitness trainers

Looking at the equation this way leaves you with a lot of options to choose from so your next question might be ‘is there a large enough market for what I would like to specialize in?’ One of the obvious answers would be aging population since it is the fastest growing age group that is expected to double in the next 25 years.

There is a hidden gem that is often overlooked when deciding on a fitness speciality: Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness. This market is growing at a remarkably unexpected rate. Furthermore, it is a market that can feel very rewarding when you are passionate about the promotion of women’s health and fitness.

Specializing in Babies, Birth & New Parents.

Pre/postnatal fitness is a specialized target market that, of course, we at Baby & Me Fitness live and breathe. If you feel this kind of love for baby bumps and babies you are totally in luck because there is a baby ‘Boomlet’ happening in North America. Approximately 380 000 babies are born in Canada each year and our southern neighbours see 4,000,000 babies born per year – yep, that’s a lot of babies! More importantly, that’s a rather large pre and postnatal market!  In Canada alone the number of children under the age of 5 has increased by 11%, the largest increase since the baby boom 50 years ago.

This Boomlet took many by surprise simply because it looks so different than the baby boom that happened post war. For the first time on record, birth rates are higher for women in their late 30s than in their early 20s, where the average age for a first time mother is now 28.5 years old, compared to 21 years old in the ’70’s . The difference now is that even though many are waiting longer to have children, younger women are still having babies, leaving a 20 year cohort where babies are being born.

A lot of couples/women are now waiting until they are in a better financial place before having their first child. Those that are actively choosing to wait are typically better educated, more active and more involved. As a result, family centered/baby businesses are booming and waiting lists for both city and private programs for children under 5 are at an all time high. This trend is expected to continue for at least another decade. And let’s not forget about the Millennials! This group of individuals are known for being health conscious and informed, and they are also starting to have children. The findings of Baby Center’s Millennial Moms Report shows that Millennial moms are more likely to be laid back, share the parenting load, and have a greater desire to have larger families than the generation before them. Further fuelling the Boomlet fire!

New Mothers and Media

Now, if we are talking about Google and having your business found online, searches like prenatal fitness or prenatal yoga are up 32% just in the last year. There were 113,650 searches for Prenatal Fitness in Canada for May 2016 and, are you ready for this?! Prenatal Yoga searches were nearly 3x that number!!! For any yoga instructors reading this, this is a clear indication that there is a niche market ready and waiting for YOU!

Google Searches for Pre/Postnatal Fitness Related Topics

Fitness trainers

As a Fitness/Yoga Instructor you know that peak months for fitness related searches are early in the new year, surprisingly enough (or maybe not) it is the same for prenatal fitness, but for different reasons. More babies are born in late summer/fall which means January is the perfect time for a soon-to-be mother to start joining a specialized fitness class that will get them ready for the demands of birth and parenting. Not to mention, more births during the summer means more babies and mothers (partners too) in your stroller fitness class!

Getting Started with Your Pre/Postnatal Fitness Training:

Baby & Me Fitness has been certifying Pre/Postnatal specialists for 30 years and are known as the original Pre/Postnatal Fitness Certification. We take the idea of being a specialist very seriously and focus all of our time and energy on creating the next generation of experts in the pregnancy and parenting market. That is ALL we do, and we think it is important work!

Our certification ensures you are getting the most well rounded certification available. Not only do we make it easy for you to modify and adapt your current fitness services, we help you create programs that are exactly what this market is looking for. Yes, we want your clients to stay strong, safe and healthy throughout their pregnancy, but they will also be going through some major life changes and will come to you looking for advice and support. We will make sure that you feel 100% prepared to: be the support that they need; be able to answer the questions they have; and feel confident to identify yourself as an expert in this field.

We also want you to feel supported and have all of your questions answered as you move through the certification process. Your training is all online to make it easy for you to go at your own pace and your instructors are never more than an email or phone call away. All your videos, notes, slides and final exam are all available for you on an easy-to-use personal website designed just for you!

To get started you can sign up online here or you can contact [email protected] if you have more questions!


Pre and Postnatal Certification for Fitness Trainers – Why & What to Expect

Untitled design (22)

It all started with the birth of a 10 pound baby boy in the basement of my childhood home. I had no idea how profound the birth of my nephew would be and how it would change my life. Looking back I am beyond thankful that my sister is the “crunchy/granola” woman that she is because that simple little home birth opened doors for me that I had never expected to open, in fact I didn’t even know that they existed.

I had been a fitness trainer for years and I loved every second of it. I would get up at 5am, teach two early morning boot-camps on the beach and ride my bike to ‘my day job’. It was pure joy and a nice helping of exhaustion sprinkled in there. Teaching fitness was in my bones and I wanted to grow my fitness business large enough so that I could leave my day job and teach full time.

Why specialize in pre/postnatal fitness?

When that little guy was born, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I had been helping my sister maintain and modify her fitness level throughout her pregnancy and had spent the better part of 9 months doing as much research as I possibly could about pregnancy and birth. I needed to know more, I needed to know everything I could, I needed to specialize in pre/postnatal fitness, I could just feel it!

Fast forward a decade and here I am. A birth doula, birth doula trainer, pre/postnatal fitness specialist and co-owner of Baby & Me Fitness. In hindsight, I can now see that my intense desire to create a speciality in my business has a name. It is actually called ‘niching’ and it is a hell-of-a good business move! At first it seemed scary; would I be hurting my business by narrowing down who I would work with? Would I lose clients?

Turns out the opposite was true. Creating a specialty made it easier for me to connect with my clients, made it easier for them to find me, and made it easier for them to find exactly what they were looking for. I became an expert in pre/postnatal fitness and the word spread like wildfire. ‘Oh, you’re expecting? You gotta try Natasha’s class!’. And finally, I was able to quit my day job!

How do you get certified?

I’ll be the first to admit that there are so many (maybe too many) options when it comes to fitness certifications and it can be such a challenge to decide who to put your trust in. After my nephew was born I searched high and low for the best pre/postnatal available and finally landed on Baby & Me Fitness. At the time they had been around for 20 years, they were the first pre/postnatal fitness company in Canada and they truly SPECIALIZED. Pre/postnatal fitness was what they did, they lived and breathed it, and you could feel it.

Baby & Me Fitness also shared the same values as me and our alignment was a huge selling feature for me. Their mission was to create support and community for women about to go through this incredible change; pregnancy and birth! A place for new mothers to get out meet other new mothers, to do something good for themselves and their babies. To be healthy, to be heard, to find their tribe!

I wanted to be a part of that!

There are certifications out there that offer pre/postnatal fitness, as well as just about every speciality you can think of. Even my own certifying body offered pre/postnatal fitness but I wanted to be trained by those who truly specialize, those who have dedicated years to working, researching, and caring for this population. I needed their experience and their stories and I needed to be with people who were as passionate as I am!

Baby & Me Pre/postnatal Fitness Certification

Baby & Me Fitness first opened its doors in 1987, and at the time their existence was a revolution.

Stroller fitness? What the heck is that?

Prenatal yoga? What?

Now it’s 2016 and women maintaining their fitness throughout their pregnancy is the norm. Prenatal yoga is the next thing you sign up for after you pee on a stick and see those 2 lines. Pre/postnatal certifications are everywhere now too – and Baby & Me Fitness is still going strong!

Baby & Me Fitness still lives and breathes pregnancy birth and postpartum, creating support and community. In 2013, my business partner, Bianca Sprague and I bought it to add to our pregnancy and postnatal business, bebo mia inc. We still dedicate our time to creating the most up-to-date/evidence based certification for trainers who want to specialize in this amazing field and become the expert that everyone talks about.

If you are interested in taking your fitness business to the next level and you love everything to do with baby bumps and birth then you should join the Baby & Me Fitness community and get yourself certified as a pre/postnatal fitness trainer. The program is all online so you can go at your own pace, you will have us and nearly 30 years of experience to support you as you learn!

It was the best decision I ever made!

How To Fuel Your Energy Tank When You’re Running After Baby


We’ve all heard it, in fact we all have most likely sang it on the playground many moons ago…“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage”. So idyllic, and so blissful, the thought of bringing a baby into the family. And so it is!

After 9 months of preparation, and eager anticipation, the curtain drops and into your life comes a small miracle. Through the haze of emotional ecstasy comes a slow and steady realization that this ‘little one’ is now solely dependent on you, the caregiver. Even with all the love that you can provide, that is no small feat! From this point to forever, as a parent, you will expend physical, mental and emotional energy. That energy may wane as the years pass, but as a parent, it will never subside.

So what is the secret to getting energized and staying energized?

In order to perform admirably in duties such as the countless diaper changes and baby feedings, to getting up throughout the night and becoming entertainer in the daytime, your body and mind requires an abundance of energy!

Think of yourself as your favourite car for a moment. You have a gas tank. In order to function, and to travel any distance, you need gas in the tank. Gas fuels the car and can allow the car to perform optimally. As the fuel gets used, the gas tank empties, therefore the car will need more gas to continue to perform optimally. You still with me?

Now to you. Your body requires fuel to energize your system. Over time that fuel gets used up and needs to be replaced. Fuel comes in different forms for the human body. Check out my tips to stay energized and on a full tank:

This is one of the most important aspects of our lives and typically the area we cut back on most. Your body needs sleep for recovery and energy. Optimal sleep is anywhere from 7-11 hours per night. Naps are also proven to be extremely beneficial. Why not sneak a 20-30 minute catnap when the ‘little one’ dozes off!

Much like the gas tank analogy, the quality of what you put in the tank is equally important for performance. The better the gas, the better the performance. Much has been said, written, studied, and documented about nutrition and its absolute benefits. Some general principles and guidelines: Reduce or remove all sugars, refined products, and processed foods. Eat the colours of the rainbow. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Drink pressed juice, or make fruit and vegetable smoothies. Add more nuts, beans and legumes. You are what you eat! Eat good, feel good!

In addition, take time to plan meals and snacks ahead of time. Have the ingredients, have meals and snacks prepared and ready to go. This time saver alone is a huge energy booster.

iStock_000023889054Small (1)

The human body consists of 50-65% water. It is a crucial part to our day to day functioning. Even a 2% drop through dehydration causes lethargy, lack of focus, and low energy. A study by Loughborough University showed a water loss of as little as 5% can result in a 30% loss of energy. The recommended daily intake of fluids by the Dietitians of Canada is 9 cups (2.2 litres) for women, and 12 cups (3 litres) for men. Now that is not easy, but learning to drink on an ongoing basis is certainly more optimal than drinking when thirsty. Have a water bottle handy and drink continuously throughout the day. Although you’ll begin by running to the bathroom more, you will notice a clear mood and energy difference.

There is nothing like some exercise to boost energy and promote feeling good. Exercise stimulates the body and releases dopamine, the bodies natural feel-good drug. Whether you are tired and run down, or just flat out not in the mood, if you can muster up the strength to get through a 15-30+ minute workout, (run, bike, swim, yoga) you will feel rejuvenated, self-confident, de-stressed, and energized!


Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, and Exercise are by no means a secret. In fact, they are the pillars to leading a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. Here are some additional tips to find energy in other ways:

Step outside, go for a walk, or open the windows. Let some clean air circulate through your lungs and permeate your system. Breathing in clean air and ridding your body of toxins is a great way to grab an energy boost. Take 5 minutes or more to connect with nature.

Sometimes when your child is playing and all you can think of is the laundry list of things-to-do, take a moment to be present. Enjoy the moments that seem to pass in the blink of an eye. You won’t regret it! Be silly, dance, play, laugh, act like a scary tickle monster, sing like Elmo. You’re kid(s) will love you for it all the more, and guess what, you’ll love yourself that little bit more too. Yay for energy!

Looking forward to greater health

Seek out other moms. They are everywhere, and most likely feeling, and thinking, the same as you are. There is strength in numbers. Call and meet up with friends for a playdate. Looking for new mom friends? Check out your local library and community centres for events and gatherings. Head out to the park. Say hi and spark up conversation at the grocery store. Find mom groups online in your area, check out ‘Mom Meet Mom’. For many, this is a welcome relief and a win-win. Some like-minded adult contact and conversation goes a long way in dispelling any doubts, fears, and concerns. In fact, you may feel energized and supported by the network you create.

Simply put, your energy can come from intentional acts and behaviors. Raising a baby is arguably the most rewarding responsibility in your lifetime. Make each day and each moment count. Nobody said it would be easy, but they all say it was worth it!


Calea is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaching Training Institute (CTI) who specializes in helping moms find a balance between being a mom and being themselves. She is the founder of Yummy Mummy Life where she will help you in the confidence department, offering 1 on 1 signature packages designed to make your dreams happen + goals happen. In addition, Calea is also a mom & baby fitness instructor, and an essential oil wellness advocate. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.