About Us

Over the last three years we have been working around the clock to make sure that the Baby & Me Fitness programs are accessible to as many mom’s as possible.

But first! Let’s have a quick look at where and why it all began…

Baby & Me Fitness was born in 1987 when its founders noticed that there was an obvious gap that needed to be filled for new mothers. This gap occurs once there is a stoppage of delivered prepped meals and the presence of a spare set of hands disappears; this is precisely the time when a new mom discovers that her self-care is not being prioritized. The founders of Baby & Me Fitness had a burning desire to positively impact women that were feeling isolated after the “meet the baby visits” and “extended family help” stopped coming around.

It was clear that there was a need for programs specifically designed for women with babies where mom’s health and wellness was the focus and community building was also promoted. Let’s face it, there are times when being at home with an infant can be exhausting, lonely and sometimes just straight up boring. Unfortunately (well and fortunately in some cases), online communities did not exist, nor did meet up groups. What a time to be alive right now, hey?!

With all of this in mind, Baby & Me Fitness sought out fitness professionals that were deeply passionate about the health and wellness of families to deliver safe and super fun programs across the Greater Toronto Area. Every program delivered included pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes that finished with an educational discussion. For well over twenty years these programs provided a place for parents to take care of themselves so that they could take great care of their family.

Where are we now?

bebo mia incEnter bebo mia inc. in 2013. The bebo mia team and their posse of expert instructors absolutely loved delivering pre/postnatal fitness programs to improve the lives of families within Toronto and they knew that they could be reaching further, positively affecting hundreds of thousands of families. So, they made the extremely tough decision to step away from delivering brick and mortar fitness classes and wisely shifted their model so that fitness professionals, living anywhere in the world, could become expertly trained in delivering fitness programs to a pre/postnatal client.


Baby & Me Fitness is now the ultimate online destination for: Fitness Professionals looking to expand their qualifications, client base and revenue through our Online Fitness Training Course; pre/postnatal clients looking for an instructor in their area to work with; and an up-to-date resource centre full of fun and healthful recipes, tips from industry leaders and much, much more!