A Wave Workout for Expectant Mothers

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or a swimming novice fearful to float, aqua fitness is the perfect activity for any mommy-to-be. Aqua fitness really is the safest and most effective CORE training out there for expectant mothers. Mothers-to-be in the second trimester know how frustrating it is when crunches are not part of the equation anymore. Aqua fitness can fill that emptiness and yearning for a CORE solution.
TOP 6 Benefits of Aqua Fitness:
• Safe and effective
• Perfect for Multiple Birth Mommies
• You don’t need to know how to swim
• Uses water as resistance
• Increased energy
• Best of all, maintains abdominal muscle tone allowing you to get to pre-baby weight FASTER AND EASIER.
If you have missed an aqua fitness class, please feel free to try my following blast workout:
Warm up (5-10 mins) – Use a combination of the following movements: neck and shoulder rolls, arm and leg circles and scissor movements, walking arm circles, jogging circles


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Aqua Blast (resistance portion: you can use water weights or no weight and complete 1-3 sets)
• Resistance- Walking lunges with twist -12 reps
• Cardio interval- Salsa- 1min
• Resistance- Bicep curls- 12 reps
• Cardio interval- Jogging 2 lengths of pool
• Resistance- Tricep extensions 12 reps
• Cardio interval- Cross country skiing- 2 lengths of the pool
• Resistance- Chest flys – 12 reps
• Cardio interval- Knee lifts -1min
• Resistance- Lateral/frontal raises- 12 reps
• Cardio interval- Electric slide or shuffle- 1min
Core strength- 20 reps x 2 sets (Ab work against pool wall)
• Pelvic tilt/crunch
• Side crunch
• Reverse crunch
Cool Down (5-10 mins)
Use a mixture of the following; Arm and leg circles and figure 8’s, slow march, gentle back and core twist and neck and shoulder rolls.
I hope that this fun and easy water workout inspires some expectant moms to take a break from the weight room and take the plunge into the pool and dive into an aqua belly routine soon. Good Luck!



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